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MIAMI-a-cyclist's nightmare: The reality is that to date no real efforts have been made to introduce safe bike lanes in Miami.
The only time bikers have a safe chance is when streets are closed for special bike events which are more oriented towards self congrats and hi-fives to our local politicians than solving the problem.....Miami 21 self-proclaims itself a pedestrian, cyclist zoning plan, though without implementation and real street improvements, it will remain only a plan.

Being called an ignoramus by someone who thinks a bicycle is a car does not concern me much. You have little defense for your position other than name calling. Why don't we stripe the roads so law officers can effectively enforce the laws? How about taxing cyclists so they can pay for their demands of road space. That way we can stop building bike paths and start building bike lanes if you don't want to ride the paths like I do. How about a public referendum of getting this dangerous nuisance off the road until they can ride there safely? That would certainly pass, because you are certainly in a very vocal minority.

Actually, Ignoramus (or maybe Pusillanimous, since you don't provide a name), it's very simple: Chapter 316.003(2), Florida Statutes, defines a bicycle as a vehicle. That means cyclists can ride in the roadway. You are free to ride on the bike path. 'Nuff said.

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