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Wow, so Regalado, the opponent of special treatment for big projects by wealthy developers, is now giving special treatment to a big project by a multi-billion-dollar corporation, Publix. Integrity out the window, but we knew he never had any.

I hate Regalado. Can we please have Manny Diaz back?

Stating that the Publix cannot be built under Miami 21 is tremendously inaccurate. Of course the Publix project can be built. It will just have to comply with a better zoning code that ensures parking and blank walls don't destroy the streetscape. Miami 21 proponents best be up in arms about this political stunt.

I can't believe this, we try to hard to take a step forward, and we are throw 10 steps back. This man should have never been elected- his only interests is 'big business', not what's actually best for his city and its residents. Ughh, this makes me sick.

I agree with Mark Lydon. Of course a supermarket can be built in a more walkable, urban oriented way! I have seen plenty of examples in urbanized cities throughout the U.S. The problem for the developer is that it will probably require more work, labor hours, and smarter (more qualified) designers. Unfortunately, it's simply easier and cheaper to go with the predominant uncontrolled, sprawling development we see here in Miami so much.


If the Project is already 'in the works' then it would be GRANDFATHERED in. Regalado, is doing this as payback to the Diaz Legacy. Diaz had his good momends and his bad, we all do. But Miami 21 was ment to fix the sprawl. Miami IS NOT made for Manhattinization, our natural reasource are unlike any other in the US48. Publix has its 'Green initiatives' it would suprise me that Publix is the REAL reason behind the delay. Publix makes a sizable profit, a couple hundred thousand to build a market would not deter the project, There is more to the cost of building a supermarket than the building as far as costs are concerned.

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