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Oh gee, there is a little project called Miami 21 that will take the city a lot farther than where we are. We've been on the right track all along, we just need to move it forward!!

Since I gave up my car a year ago, I've walked many of the counties streets. More than anything, if you want people walking/biking, the absolute key element is shade trees. They--and they alone--make the walk pleasant. And when the walk is pleasant, you begin to look around, notice the insides of stores, buy, etc.

Miami has perhaps 1% of the trees it needs. Time to get planting.

For years I have been preaching that Miami has terrible attention to details in it streets, sidewalks, street furniture, bus stops, lighting, plantings and cleanniness. Ditto applies to parks. If anyone does not get it, I have hundreds of photos taken in cities which do.

Miami also has a terrilbe habit of building stuff then failing to maintain it, then tearing it down or paying some rip off artist to rebuild it. Shamefull!!!

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