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The Grand Tasting: Wine, Women, Men and Song at the South Beach Festival

      A bubbly quaff greeted Mari Matute, 32, of Coral Gables, as she sipped the spritzy, lightly sweet Moet & Chandon Nectar Impériale Champagne Saturday at the Grand Tasting of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

     “It’s delicious,” she said. She was looking forward to the snacks: “It’s a gluttony event.”

     There were lots more wine fans like Mari at the tasting. Miami Herald photographer/videographer Jose Iglesias and I prowled the tasting tents asking tasters what they were tasting and how they liked it.

      For more, see Jose’s video at miamiherald.com/wine.
               Il Prosecco, by Mionetto, was a favorite of Maryann Cox, 45, here from Cleveland working on her tan. Prosecco is a light, dry sparkling wine from Italy, made of the prosecco grape. Its bubbles are under less pressure than those in traditional champagne, so it comes off softer. Cox was glad to discover it. "I'm going to make it my house champagne."

               Mobile Grape is the name of the company founded by Andi Kodsi of Boca Raton, to make the little lanyards that to around your neck with a plastic gizmo to hold your wine glass so you can keep both hands free to grab hors d'ouvres. She says she was inspired to invent it six or seven years ago at a wine tasting. Somebody had piled high with appetizers one of those little plastic plates that has a notch in the side to hold your wine glass. "The plate broke, and everything spilled all over us," she said. "My invention prevents all that." You can buy one for $5 at her website, mobilegrape.com (Readers, you Kodsi's mobile grape wine glass holder in action in Jose Iglesias's video at MiamiHerald.com/wine.)


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I think all cocktail parties should provide a Mobel Grape wine holder. Great idea. Wish I had thought of it first.

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