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Readers: Solve this moral wine dilemma

     A local blogger who calls himself Bacchus, at bacchusforyou@bellsouth.net,  confesses/brags that, when he has guests who don’t appreciate good wine, he privately pours himself the good stuff and does a “swicheroo” by pouring a "lower grade" of wine for them.

     “I never drank a drop of what they were having and everyone was happy. Poetic justice. Who said life’s not fair?” Bacchus blogs.

     You can check out the blog at http://bacchusforyou.blogspot.com

     It’s a moral dilemma. I remember a couple of 20-something relatives going enthusiastically through my wine at $40 a bottle -- gossiping, paying no attention to the wine or the dollar bills winging their way into the mist. I could have substituted decent wine in boxes and they wouldn’t have noticed.

     Was I obliged to keep pouring the good stuff?

     In All the President’s Men, Woodward and Bernstein say Richard Nixon, when entertaining aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia, used to sip Chateau Margaux himself and instruct his staff to pour his guests Mouton Cadet. But we don’t need moral guidance from him, right?

      If you have an answer, or at least a philosophy, click on the “comments” icon below and let me know.


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Hey, those may have just been very sophisticated family members....appreciating and gossiping at the same time.
I have one friend who says "always tell me the price of the wine I am drinking,so I can properly make note and pay attention to it". What do you think of doing this? Kassie


Concerning: The Moral Dilemma:

Read Again:


Bacchus posted the post. The post was submitted by "the good host".

You should not slant things. Are you consumed by envy?


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