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A wine question from Dubai!

This question arrived from Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Hi Sir!

My quest: is why we are keeping wine in wine seller?
Plz: answ: me right my quest like.

Zia Rahman

Hi Mr. Rahman!

Thanks for the question. It’s my first from Dubai.
I think you mean why do we keep wine in cellars.
The answer: Wine ages slowly and best when it’s stored at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 degrees Celsius. Google says the average high in Dubai in June is 39 degrees Celsius or 102 degrees Fahrenheit. A cellar or refrigerated cabinet could make up that difference.
An air-conditioned house or apartment at maybe 75 degrees (24 C) is OK for short-term wine storage. You should lay the bottles on their sides to keep the cork from drying out, and keep the wine in a location that is dark and has no vibration.
If you’re storing the wine for more than about six months, you need a cabinet or cellar to control the humidity as well as temperature.

Fred Tasker


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