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Question of the week: What are you drinking?

      Question of the week: What are you drinking these days? Now that so much of your paycheck goes into groceries and filling your SUV, are you trading down in wine?

     A new Nielsen study says wine sales are still rising in 2008, but much more slowly than last year. And the biggest drop in growth is in the $15-a-bottle-and-up category.

     Are you finding some gems for less than $15? If so, share the wealth. Tell us what you’re drinking. Tell us the price, and how they taste.

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florent blanchet

i found @ w wine bistro (in the design district, 305 576 7775) a Bergerac (red bordeaux blend produced a few miles east of the bordeaux appelation for $9.99!!! the wine tastes like a $25 / bottle.
an absolute hit!

Miami Wine Tasters

So funny you should ask, because our wine class tomorrow is focusing exactly on that topic. How to pick a wine for dinner, without breaking the bank. All of our wines are under $15 except for the French Rose which clocked in at $15.25. We are exploring alternative wine varietals to the more expensive types.

Ozzy Riverol

Well we have several great wines under $10 at The Wine Shoppe, 1706 SW 57th Avenue Miami FL:
Two great wine deals from Rioja; Belezos and Marques de Tudelilla at an incredibke $6.99 & 10% off by case!!!!
2005 Bordeaux Chateau Les Reuilles, another awesome value for the great 2005 vintage at $9.99 & 10% off by case
How about 2005 Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Michel Picard at $16.99! - 10% off by case
2006 Gladiatore Pinot Griggio delle Venezie for $8.99! again 10% off by case
And many other store values from all over the world


Love the new blog, Fred! Looking forward to picking up lots of good info here too.

I purchased a Washington State cabernet for under $20 about three weeks ago and found it undrinkable in this weather. It was the first time I'd so disliked a wine in quite awhile.

Maybe I have to stick to pinot noir for the summer!

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