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Another wine fan's peak experience


     Another reader weighs in with a peak wine experience.

     “Torres is great,” says Junior – “both the winery and the wine. Picked up a bottle of Sangre de Toro last weekend for $10, so count this as my answer to your last question about what we're drinking on the cheap. It was quite good all by itself; I don't usually like red not paired with food, but this one worked for me. And, with a little plastic bull attached to the bottle, who can resist?

     “Anyway, back to the topic at hand. If you can point to any further evidence that this article's claim is true, my peak wine experience will have been...about five minutes ago, when I learned from the New York Times health blog that red wine makes it harder to get fat.

     “Bye now. I’m off to the liquor store for more Sangre de Toro.”

     Junior, that was a compelling article. I see it got 82 comments in the first two days it was online.


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