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Can you narrow down your peak wine experience?

      Question of the week:  I was going to ask you to relate the No. 1 wine experience of your life. Then I realized that if you asked me that, I couldn’t narrow it to fewer than 50. How do you compare a delicate old Burgundy to a muscular Super Tuscan? A sunset  picnic on a hillside in Sonoma to sipping and spitting on the floor in a frigid, dripping cave in Beaujolais?

     So let’s do this: Please tell me ONE of your top wine experiences.

     One of mine was in 1979. I was driving around Spain visiting wineries with my best wine-drinking buddy, Fred Barger. When we arrived at Bodegas Torres, outside Barcelona, we were thrilled to be greeted by Miguel Torres, Sr., himself –- the dean of Spanish wine. We walked into the vineyards to a rustic shack for a wine tasting. We spoke of wine and women and, I suppose, philosophy. We sipped, and leaned back in our wooden chairs to spit out the open door.

     As we drove away after effusive thanks, we looked at each other and simultaneously, if ironically, recited a beer slogan: “It don’t get no better than this.”

     Wine friends, tell me ONE of your peak wine experiences.


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florent blanchet

chateau haut-brion blanc 1989. i had it in 1995 in bordeaux, for the annual "fete de la fleur" held that year at Chateau lanessan. the wine was served before lunch for the cocktail party w/ some large pink shrimps fished the day before.

maybe the best white wine in the world?


Torres is great - both the winery and the wine. Picked up a bottle of Sangre de Toro last weekend for $10, so count this as my answer to your last question about what we're drinking on the cheap. It was quite good all by itself; I don't usually like red not paired with food, but this one worked for me. And, with a little plastic bull attached to the bottle, who can resist?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

If you can point to any further evidence that this article's claim is true, my peak wine experience will have been...about five minutes ago, when I learned that red wine makes it harder to get fat.


Bye now. I'm off to the liquor store for more Sangre de Toro.

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