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Dads are easy to gift on their day

      Finding a present for your dad on Father’s Day is a piece of cake. We dads are sooo easy.

      A piece of beef, a potato and a bottle of red wine.

      That’s it. We don’t even need a card. We know you love us.

      We’re so easy you can give us the same thing every year and we’ll love it every time.

      Also any price range will do.

     If times are tough, we understand. A cheeseburger, a plate full of tater tots and a $9 bottle of Bodega Norton Malbec from Argentina will leave us purring.

      If we’re flush, take us to Don Shula’s for one of those 48-ounce haunches of beef the football players like to eat, and a $200 bottle of Sassicaia, that fabulous Super Tuscan wine from Italy. In fact, Shula’s website says a guy named Taft Parker – a pretty big guy, I’m betting – recently downed his 175th 48-ounce Porterhouse at the restaurant. I’ve never eaten one, but I’ve seen them. Scary.

      Or, maybe to be more practical, there’s a middle solution. Pick up a nice prime Beef Tenderloin, google the recipe for Steak Diane, slathered with heavy cream, nestled in mushrooms, flambéed with brandy, open a nice merlot/carmenere blend from Chile, the Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre, at only about $25.

      Finally, you should keep in mind -- if the father you’re treating is your husband -- that all that beef and Burgundy are likely to put us in a romantic mood.

      That works every year too.


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