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Reader's underappreciated wine: vinho verde


   More reaction to my request that readers reveal what they believe to be the most underappreciated wines in the market.

      Vinho Verde from Portugal,” says Irene Moore. “I think these are underappreciated great summer quaffing wines because of their low alcohol content (8.5-11%). The wines are light and fresh, semi-sparkling with a definite pétillance, which make them fun too!

     “The whites are lemon or straw-colored, and mostly made from Albariño (Alvarinho), Loureiro, and Trajadura. I like the fresh flavors -- citrusy and green apple -- great for sipping on the terrace while watching the sunset over the Miami skyline.

     “And they're not too expensive! The reds, made from Azal Tinto, Borraçal and Espadeiro grapes, are such a deep red they'll turn your teeth purple, but they're worth the experience.

     Irene, all I can add is that I finally found out how to pronounce the wine, by asking Antonio Maria S. Franco Jr., of the Portuguese wine firm José Maria da Fonseca. It’s VEEN-yo VER-duh. 

           Readers, what's your candidate for the most underappreciated wine(s)?   Tell us by clicking on the "comments" icon below.


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Gregg Rockett

I like Irene's comments about Vinho Verde, and she is very much on the money. It is not unusual in some wine shops to find Portuguese wines in the section dedicated to Spanish wines, which accentuates how under appreciated these wines are. Another Iberian Peninsula export that is possibly underappreciated is the sparkling wine from Catalunya (mostly) - called cava. Catalans use the same method for making champagne and use Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grapes to produce a sparkling wine that is tasty and refreshing and often much cheaper than the French champagne. Our favorites include Juve Camps Reserva de la Familia, Segura Viuda and Anna de Cordoniu.

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