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Miami traveler seeks new wines in Argentina

Dear Fred,

I am currently visiting Buenos Aires for the next three weeks. Could you suggest any local wines for me to try?  I've been enjoying the food and I might as well take in a good wine as well.  I'm a long time Miami native and I thought you might be of assistance.

Thank you in advance,

Allen Kaplan

Dear Allen,

There are a couple of interesting wines these days in Argentina.

Malbec is a red grape that originally was used in France's great Bordeaux blends (along with cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, petit verdot and cabernet franc). In France it's hard as nails, but in Argentina's sunny climate at the foot of the Andes it turns soft, tasting like chocolate-cherry candies.

Torrontes is a white grape that may or may not be related to Germany/Alsace's gewurztraminer. It's white, crisp, almost spritzy, with white grapefruit and flower flavors.

Let me know what you find.


Fred Tasker

PS: A nice malbec/cabernet sauvignon blend would be great with Argentina's grass-fed steaks.
The torrontes would probably be good with breakfast.



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