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Potent pisco to be poured; watch out


Now, you have to be careful with pisco, the grape brandy distilled in Peru and Chile. It tastes deceptively mild, with flavors of vanilla and minerals. It’s particularly smooth when made into the iconic drink, the Pisco Sour.

But it’s 40 percent alcohol, just like bourbon or scotch, and it’ll getcha if you don’t watch out.

Pisco’s history is disputed between Peru and Chile, even though there’s a town called Pisco in southern Peru. But it seems that Spanish conquistadores in the 1550s planted grapes in southern Peru. The best grapes went into export wine. The lesser grapes were given to local growers, who fermented them, then distilled the result into pisco.

Nothing wrong with that. The equally potent grape-based liquor called grappa in Italy and marc in France is fermented and distilled from from the stems and skins left over when the grapes are pressed.

Anyway, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Hollywood Vine, 2035 Harrison St in Hollywood, two piscos will be poured at a free tasting that’s part of this month’s Artwalk. Herble Loebl, owner of Montesierpe, one of Peru’s oldest Piscos, will pour his own pisco as well as the pisco from Viña de Oro.

The oil paintings of Rodrigo Picado are also on display.

Call 954-922-2910 or see hvine.com


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