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Watermelon, mint and sweet bubbly: sweet!


Last week I offered here an “Indoor Picnic” menu; its dessert was watermelon balls mixed with chopped mint, placed in a big martini glass and covered by sweet sparkling wine. The bubbly suggestion was a sweet, sparkling red wine from Italy from the grape called brachetto d’acqui, which is available in supermarkets and wine shops.
     “The dessert was outstanding; we’ve had all our friends try it,” e-mails Barb from Coral Gables.

     “Do you have a name for it?” asks Ben Neji, at the Wine69 shop on Biscayne Boulevard. “Did you use melon or watermelon?”

     Ben, I used watermelon with this because it’s the quintessential picnic melon. Also, it seems to be more porous and better able to absorb the sparkling wine than firmer melos.

     But I use other melons for my traditional Christmas day brunch salad. I ball green melons and yellow melons, drop in some blueberries, add some mint and a bit of orange-flavored Grand Marnier liqueur.

     As for a name for the watermelon dish, I don’t know, Ben.

     Anybody have any ideas?


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Your suggestion of Watermelon and Brachetto is excellent.

I tried it with a Brachetto Dolce DOC from Bellavita from Wine 69 in Miami.

Great combination!

Thank you for the recipe.

My suggestion for a name is: "Fruta Fresca al Brachetto".

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