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Will electronic tongue replace us wine writers?


     I knew I was getting obsolete, but this is ridiculous.
     A Barcelona microelectronics expert has invented an electronic “tongue” that can identify a ’74 pinot noir from Burgundy. It measures acid levels and phenolics and such and identifies the wine.
     So what are we wine writers for now?
     You could see it coming. Ten years ago Japanese scientists “reverse-engineered” a fine Bordeaux – breaking it into its chemical components, then rebuilding it into a Bordeaux again. The good thing about that experiment is that it failed -- miserably.
     And I’ll bet there’s one thing they can’t get a machine to do.
      Enjoy wine.
     I guess that can be our solace.
     What do you think, wine fans? Click on the “comments” icon below and tell me.


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This is ridiculous. I do not think wine critics are in danger yet.

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