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Spooky drinks for Halloween


    I was going to tell you about all kinds of Halloween wines, like Dracula Syrah, from Vampire vineyards in California. Then I realized you probably can’t find them in local shops, and you don’t have time to buy them online.

    So I will tell you instead about some spooky drinks that you can make from materials available closer to home.

    For the kiddies, it’s easy. Just make your own punch from a gallon or so of 7-UP mixed with cranberry juice, frozen drink mixes, pieces of fruit -- whatever else you have on hand -- and put it all in a punch bowl with a big chunk of dry ice. The dry ice will create an eerie, icy fog.

    Where, you ask, do you buy dry ice? Go to www.dryicedirectory.com and punch in our area code, 305, and it’ll list a dozen places. Warning: Don’t put little pieces of dry ice in individual glasses. It can burn.

    Speaking of burning, you can turn just about any cocktail into a flaming witch’s brew by ladling a tablespoon of 151-proof rum on top and lighting it. It works great in the dark. But please, please be careful. And have the sense to put it out before drinking. You’d look funny without eyelashes. In fact, check out this safety website before starting.

    For a really clever adult Halloween drink, make an eyeball martini. It’s from www.whattodrink.com.  Mix your favorite martini and pour it in a stemmed glass. Take a radish, hollow it out and stuff an olive inside. Then peel alternating stripes into the red skin of the olive so it looks like a blood-shot eyeball. Put in a bunch of them.  There’s a picture of it on their website. If that doesn’t gross out your friends, I don’t know what will.


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