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Where are the wines, she asks

Dear Mr. Tasker,

     I appreciate your information on wines. I would be happier, though, if I could know where to get these wines in Miami. Especiallly the ones that are not expensive. I have asked in some stores and they don’t know what I am talking about.

Mary A. Jorda, Miami

Dear Ms. Jorda,

      Good question. For the inexpensive wines in the item below, I checked the prices of every one at my local Publix. I’m sure Winn-Dixie carries most of them as well.

       A tip: Sometimes supermarket clerks don’t know how to find the wines on their shelves. A good way to locate a wine is to see what country it’s from. Many supermarkets keep their U.S. -- mostly California -– wines in one shelf area, and their international wines in another area. Italian wines will be together, as will wines from Australia, Chile and so on.

    Good hunting.

Fred Tasker


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