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Working Women Want a Raise

Money     Is money on the top of your mind? You have lots of company.

    A  raise overtook health insurance as the most desired change in the work lives of women, according to the sixth Working America Ask a Working Woman survey.  Working women are desperate to earn more money -- we would even give up balance to get it. Those surveyed said if they had more available time, they would work another job, ahead of spending more time with friends and family, exercise, taking a class and getting more sleep. 

"Unemployment is up, the credit crunch is squeezing people and gas prices are hitting record highs. America's working women need a raise and a break."  says Karen Nussbaum, Executive Director of Working America.

    As one would guess, debt is a huge issue. The survey shows women are using their credit cards to pay for durable goods and everyday items. Six in 10 respondents have at least some credit card debt, and many said they won't be able to pay off their credit cards in the near future

   Women also said they take a hit in their paychecks for having kids. Eight in 10 respondents say having children hurts their career and prospects in the job market (27 percent say hurts strongly).

   Would a raise be the top benefit you seek from your employer? If you had free time would you take another job?