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Feeling vulnerable at work?

      Look around your workplace. Are people in an emotional state in which they feel extremely vulnerable and afraid for their futures? Is there a psychological recession that is plaguing our country’s workforce?

    Author Judith Bardwick  says there is and she says the reason is workers no longer believe that even if they are good at what they do, they will be guaranteed job security. ( This has proved true in my industry) In Bardwick's book, One Foot Out the Door, she says today’s workers are not only burdened with concerns about job security, they’re also not particularly motivated to work hard. She thinks employers need to step up their efforts to engage employees. I wonder if it's too late for that.

   These days, fear for job security is stronger than the desire for work/life balance. I see a lot of nervousness out there.  In my workplace, the office gossip (talk of job cuts) has made all of us much less productive.  An office culture survey by Hormel shows most workers can't get away from office gossip because it happens at their desk rather than outside their workspace. 

     With most businesses suffering right now, do you feel less motivated to work hard because you feel you will earn less or be laid off regardless? Do you worry about job security and personal finances during the work day? Is the worrying justified?