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Baby Borrowers?

Baby Have you heard about NBC's project to show young adults just how tough parenthood can be? The creators of NBC's Baby Borrowers  want teens to see that babies are a complete package, and being able to deal with the tougher aspects requires maturity. For 10 years after I married, I put off having kids because I worried I wasn't mature enough. Guess what? I'm in my 40s and I  still worry about it.

    The creators feel that if starry-eyed teens glean some real experience it's likely fewer would become moms. NEWS FLASH -- If adults borrowed babies before we had our own many of us also would think twice about whether we were ready to handle it. Just week, after a difficult day at work, I found myself giving my daughter that horrible immature explanation parents resort to, "because I said so."

   The premise for the NBC show is five teen couples live together for the first time and fast-forward through the various stages of parenthood. On the fourth episode of Baby Borrowers, the teens have to take care of pre-teens. All I can say is, good luck with that! Last week, the same pre-teen daughter mentioned above, woke me from a sound sleep to tell me she was having trouble falling asleep. After the third wake-up, I didn't exactly display the utmost of maturity when I put the pillow over my head and screamed out, "Stop with the drama!"

  Of course, most parents know the entire package that comes with children is well worth the trials our kids put us through and the struggle we undergo to balance work and family. I like to think that overall, most parents serve as mature role models for our kids most of the time. But these teens might as well learn early, raising kids -- borrowed or your own -- can be challenging.

   So, what valuable lesson would you have learned from borrowing a child? Would you still have had the desire to have your own child after the experience?


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Johnny Hendrix

This show is a great idea. Look at America's teens, obsessed with Jamie Lynn Spears, making pregnancy pacts, jesus, bravo NBC. We need shows like this.


I am interested in seeing what all the controversy is about. I think this show may help to further educate young people about parenthood. Teen pregnancies are out of control and there needs to be more education.

Walt Harris

premiere episode tonight. finally after all the waiting. it airs at 9 on nbc. i feel like it should be required reading for all teens. especially teens considering becoming pregnant, even casually considering it. hopefully this show will make them reconsider.


I'm up for watching it just so I can tell my girlfriend, never get pregnant, never get pregnant!


I'm up for watching it just so I can tell my girlfriend, never get pregnant, never get pregnant!


I'm up for watching it just so I can tell my girlfriend, never get pregnant, never get pregnant!

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