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Madonna pays the price for BlackBerry addiction

Madonna      Madonna has become the new poster child for the personal price of BlackBerry addiction. Just months ago, we learned that both she and husband Guy Ritchie sleep with their BlackBerrys.

    She told Elle Magazine UK: "It’s not unromantic. It’s practical. I’m sure loads of couples have their BlackBerry's in bed with them. I have to sleep with my BlackBerry because I often wake up in the middle of the night and remember that I’ve forgotten something, so I jump up and make notes." She revealed that her husband, Guy Ritchie, also tucks his handheld computer under the pillow at night.

     Now, there are reports that Madonna wants a divorce and that she has hired Paul McCartney's divorce attorney. Madonna supposedly told Guy Ritchie she wants a divorce after the couple agreed they had fallen out of love and had simply drifted apart.

      I'm sure there are lots of reasons the two drifted apart. But I would put money on the fact that the BlackBerrys in bed didn't help matters. As great as PDAs are for work life, they can be a threat to home life. Does this have you thinking twice about bringing a BlackBerry to bed?


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madonna is butta face. She was never attractive, never will be. She is like a he-she with them muscular arms. SHe is a has been and watch- will be the next feline to join the cougar ranks!


I think Jaime is the butt face, you are just a jealous freak


I don't think that cellphones in the bedroom are a problem for a couple, unless you are checking e-mails while spooning.

I can't sleep unless my phone is on the nightstand by the bed. For one thing, it serves as my alarm clock (even though I have a normal alarm clock, I just like using my phone more). And secondly, I would just feel unconnected with the world if it wasn't in my room with me. What if someone needs to get in touch in an emergency? I grew up in a generation where I need to have it by me at all times to feel connected with the world.

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