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Take a Mom vacation

    Summer! I just came across an article that suggests working moms take momcations. These are vacations designed for your needs rather than for your significant other or children. Personally, I like the idea. I am going take a momcation in South Beach in July. Here are the tips suggested by Deanna Keahey, founder of Adventurous Wench, a travel company for women.

  • Getting started: Drop the guilt. These getaways don't replace family vacations.
  • Pick your partners: Maybe you have local friends who are up for a road trip or an old friend or sister who lives too far to see regularly.
  • Plan your getaway: Three-day jaunts are common. Keep it simple to avoid stress. You may want to plan it around a special event like a milestone birthday.
  • Prepare for departure: Talk about your plans with your kids a few weeks in advance and remind them regularly so your absence doesn't surprise them. Get them excited about quality time with dad.
  • Hit the road: Have fun!

Top momcation sites: surfdiva.com; moutainviewwinn.com; snodaisy.com; womenonlyweekends.com; campbombshell.com