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Predicting when women will succeed

If you're a women, here's a way to tell whether you will ascend at your company --- look at the board of directors.

A new report by Catalyst called  Advancing Women Leaders: The Connection Between Women Board Directors and Women Corporate Officers, found that the number of women on a company’s board is directly connected to the future number of women in its senior management ranks.

Catalyst found women on boards influence the increase of women in line positions. This is important because line experience is necessary for advancement into CEO and top leadership positions.  Catalyst’s annual Censuses show that women are historically underrepresented in these roles.

"Simply put, more women on corporate boards correlate with more women in the C-suite and better financial performance – a real win/win for companies, shareholders, and talented women seeking companies that support their advancement,” says Ilene Lang, president of Catalyst.

      I often get complaints that women don't help other women get ahead. I think this report shows that's not the case -- at least not at businesses with boards of directors.

     In the law firm arena, The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) has urged law firms to compensate senior attorneys for mentoring and training junior female attorneys. That's one way to create some incentive!

     What are your thoughts on women helping other women in business? Does it happen at your company?