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An odd welcome back

    Tropical storm Fay has given me an odd welcome back from two weeks of vacation. I had geared up to read e-mail, check voice mail, blog and still make it to school in time to pick my little one up on his first day of second grade. Instead, schools are closed, I've pawned my kids off on my sister and I'm in chaos land here at the newspaper.

    It's days like today that remind me there's an important key to the work/life balancing act: a network of resources a working parent can turn to when in a pinch. Family is great but parents of your kids' friends can be helpful, too. I may have to call on some of those parents tomorrow because public schools are closed again. I have been strategic over the years in helping stay-at-home moms with driving to activities in the evenings so that I can call on them when I have a work/kid conflict during the day. It's a tip Maria Bailey, a working mother of four and founder of BlueSuitMom.com passed on to me when I was pregnant with my first child.   If I really needed to, I could bring my kids to work. I'm fortunate my employer has provided a room and a screening of Wizard of Oz for parents in a bind.

   How are the rest of you South Florida working parents coping? Is the balancing act difficult this week?