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How do you stay organized?

Michelle_2   Back to school. Just those three words give us reason to feel overwhelmed. Last week, for my Miami Herald column,  I brought in professional organizer Diane Hatcher to give a busy mother of four some back-to-school organization tips. The busy mom, Michelle Hurst, is co-owner of a bookstore, and a full-time college student. Like me, she struggles with keeping everyone's schedules straight and being on the same page with her husband about who needs to go where. Hatcher suggests Hurst needs her own personal calendar (for work and family activities). But she also wants her to keep a master calendar in the kitchen for everyone to look at each day.

      In response to the article, I received an e-mail from Miami reader Carolyn Sutton with this sage advice: " I use the calendar on my yahoo! mail to keep track of everything from cello lessons to Dr. appointments to Girl scout meetings. I share it with my family through the yahoo software, and my husband has the ability to update it as well. Often he will sit down with the Dade County school calendar and enter all the holidays and early pickups. I can also schedule yahoo to send me reminder emails for the important occasions. It can email me however many days ahead of the event (up to 2 times) and since I always check my email, this is the best option. You can also schedule recurring events - like meetings or orchestra rehearsals for instance to be every Sunday from 1-3 for 8 months. It also helps you to plan ahead."

     I'm wondering if anyone else has some tips they want to share for staying on top of your commitments? How do you avoid missing your child's soccer game or showing up for a business meeting on the wrong day? Do you rely on electronic devices?