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What's worrying American Workers?

    As we head into Labor Day Weekend, Adecco has released it USA Workplace Insights survey. Workers were asked what worries them about their job. Of course, gas prices topped the list of concerns, beating out a stagnant paycheck and work-life balance which took second and third place.

     Personally, I still gasp at the pump every week,  but I think a stagnant paycheck is just as troubling. I just learned my employer won't be giving raises for a least a year. I hear the same thing is going on in other industries and workplaces. It's no wonder Adecco found that only (25 percent) claim to currently be saving for unemployment with the majority (58 percent) having no intention to start putting money aside for potential job loss.

   Most of us aren't surprised to learn that the survey found workers feel less appreciated this year. With layoffs in many industries, I think morale has taken a hit.  The survey found while the vast majority of Americans continue to feel appreciated at work (75%), this number has significantly dropped from 2007 when 91 percent of those polled felt they were either very/somewhat appreciated at the office.

   What worries you at work? Would gas prices top your list?