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Are you a time-management disaster?

     Why is it that time management is so difficult for so many of us to master? Is it just that we have more piled on us each time we get life under control? Or are electronic devices to blame?

     Do you think time-management skills can be taught. I do. I often wonder why they don't it in middle school, especially when I see my kids struggling to balance tons of homework, time-stealing technology, a social life and youth sports. I love this quote from Donna Goldberg, a study-skills consultant and author of The Organized Student, in a recent article: "We teach every child to tell time. We don't teach any child how to manage time."

    Goldberg believes time-management is as important to teach as reading and math. She blames the Internet for society's lack of time management ability, because it's so captivating. "It just goes around eating your time," she says. I know so many people who are spending considerable amount of work hours on Facebook. Sure, it's fun. But can you say time-drain?

      If you are like me, you believe multitasking helps us manage our time. Goldberg says it drains our ability to get things done because its not focused time. Here's what the experts suggest for students and adults: Create a commitment/reward formula -- 45 minutes of focused time equals a 10-15 minute break.

      I'm willing to give the formula a try. I'm willing to get my kids to give it a try. Do you think time-management is a learned skill? Do you think it's critical to learn it as a child?