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I'm scared on 9/11

     Every year on 9/11 I'm a little scared -- to travel, to cross bridges, to go too many hours without talking to my husband. It's an annual reminder not to take anything for granted. Yet, most of us pledged to stay closer to home after the tragic incident seven years ago. But have we? Most of us pledged to think less about work and more about family. But have we?

    There are some moving blog posts today on MomLogic.com about 9/11.

Blogger Yvette Manessis Corporon writes: My daughter was born on May 6, 2001. After nine hours of labor and 50 minutes of pushing, Christiana made her entrance into the world. But that's not the day I became a mother.

“On September 11, 2001, Christiana was 4 months old and I was home on maternity leave. My husband Dave, a cameraman, called and told me what had happened less than a mile away, just across the river from our apartment--where our beautiful baby sat in her bouncy seat playing with her stuffed bear. I grabbed Christiana and headed to the roof deck of our apartment and there I stood, alone with my baby in my arms, and watched as the North Tower of the World Trade Center burned. The gaping hole was huge, the smoke and fire horrendous and I knew that Dave was either down there already or on his way to cover this catastrophic accident. That's what we all thought--it had to be an accident, right?”

To read Yvette’s full story and see video her husband captured at ground zero, click here.

Dani Klein Modisett writes: When I travel with my 5-year-old now, I often become frustrated with all the security checks and say something like, "You know, when I traveled for work years ago, it was never like this." He usually asks me why it's different now. To reach her full story, click here.

    How has your work and home lives changed since that tragic day seven years ago? Do you ever talk about it with your kids? Are you still pledging to live life to its fullest or has the recession gotten in your way?