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Men want work life balance, too

Yesterday, I wrote in my Miami Herald column about fathers who role-juggle full-time work schedules and coaching youth sports. This typically requires job flexibility, the work life balance work accommodation men say they most want.

I am surprised by the reaction. I've discovered men want to be recognized for Dadthe juggling act they do to make time for work and family. Here what some men wrote in their e-mails:

Gene Albelo writes: "It's great to hear such positive things about men, and particularly about fathers. I, for one, have been bothered for years by the negative images portrayed of men, especially in the media. The man, e.g., who can't boil water, who's unable to prepare a meal for his child, who lays around watching T.V. all day long, and depends on his wife to make the smallest decision.  I’ve been around for some time, and can tell you truthfully that I’ve never known any father, or any man in general, who fits those negative types."

Michael Silva, a law partner writes: "Another trend is law firms morphing the traditional working "mom" program to include more divorced fathers that have taken on half the child rearing duties. Women are better jugglers but men can learn, just as your article notes.

  Why do you think so many of men use sports to bond with their kids? Do you think men have a difficult time speaking up about work life balance issues? Are men improving their juggling skills?