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Don't bring work stress home

    Today, I'm stressed at work. Who wouldn't be with co-workers all around me packing up their desks after a recent round of (in)voluntary buyouts.

    Just look around at what's going on in businesses. Not only are people worrying about losing their homes or paying for their groceries, they are afraid to go to work, fearing whether their company will remain afloat or whether they still will have a job. Corporate executives, business owners, and busy professionals are stressed because, not only are they expected to produce more with less, but competition for their position is of major concern. Cora_2

    Dr. Gaby Cora, a Miami board certified psychiatrist, medical doctor, wellness coach, mom, spouse and author of Leading Under Pressure says stress in the workplace has reached epidemic numbers.

  What can we do to manage our stress in challenging times? How can we keep work stress from creeping into our personal lives? Cora, who works with clients to maximize their health and wealth, once again weighs in on my blog and provides tips for readers:

  •   USE STRESS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Stress can be motivating, stimulating, and inspiring, but too much affects your ability to bounce back from tough situations. Keep things in perspective and concentrate on your here and now to resolve your immediate challenges.
  • AVOID PEOPLE WHO HARP ON THE NEGATIVE. Try your best to keep a positive outlook about the future realizing the rough times will pass. Follow your plan if you have one and create one if you don’t have a plan.

  • MAKE HEALTH A PRIORITY. Many executives and business owners are so busy these days they don’t realize burnout is around the corner. Many people wait to see a doctor until they are already experiencing heartburn, chest pain, or panic attacks. You can easily change your work strategies if you are feeling at your best and yet, this is difficult to do if you are feeling deflated of energy.. You will be well-prepared to face challenging times if you are in good shape physically, emotionally, and intellectually. This is the secret to long-term success as we face challenging times.
  • FOLLOW A ROUTINE. Stay healthy by following a routine exercise plan, eating healthy, getting the proper amount of sleep, and relaxing. Once you have mastered these lifestyle strategies then plan the best of your business strategies, prioritizing your work needs, successfully resolving challenges as they come.
  • LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES. Although challenging times are a common cause for distress, they are an excellent opportunity for change. Create a plan to resolve the difficulty and look for untapped opportunities.

    Do you feel you are experiencing more stress than last year? Is everyone around you complaining of the same? Do you manage your stress effectively? Do you have a business plan? Do you follow a plan to stay healthy?


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Work From Home Aldrich

Great post, Nice tips given by you its really use full. Avoid People Who Harp on the Negative like that some more good tips you have given.

Jann Freed

Important topic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Stephen Lodge

How to Overcome Work Anxiety
The way to handle work related fears involve 5 steps:
1. Recognize if the anxiety is realistic (ex, your boss really is a tyrant) or exaggerated.

2. Learn specific behavioral skills to best handle the feared situation, such as assertiveness skills, conflict management, public speaking training, and organization skills.

3. Plan to confront your fears by gradually seek out the feared situations, beginning with the easier ones and working up to the harder ones.

4. Ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen is, and how you’d handle it in the unlikely event that it did happen.

5. Deal with unwanted work-related worries that occur while at home by writing concerns down and problem-solving each one.

6. Find a mentor and build a support team at work to help you perform your best.

7. Explore whether your role, your company or your line of work are the best match for your natural talents, abilities, and interests, and seek out ways to best utilize your strengths


Carlo Smith

Do you feel a Panic or Anxiety attack can happen at any time?
People in this situation often feel that are lucky
to make it through the day without that switch been
flicked but in the back of their mind they fear that it
could happen at any moment day or night.
They remain on high alert anticipating it.
Anticipating the big one!
In fact most people who experience panic attacks
fear it in this manner. It is natural for people to think this
way as often the panic attacks come forcefully out
of the blue.
The truth of the situation is however
different. A panic attack does not lurk in the background
waiting to pounce, it can feel that way in your mind
if you are anxious but that is not how it really works.
Panic attacks are actually something we decide to
initiate when we feel out of control.
The thought that triggers almost all panic attacks is :
"This is too much , I cannot handle this,"
Then the adrenaline starts to really pump.
"Ah I was right look my body is going into a fit...
"I am terrified by what is about to
happen...HELP,- PANIC... !"
The severity of the panic attack is directly
related to how you are feeling at that time.
If you are exhausted physically, mentally or emotionally
then you are more vulnerable to feeling anxious.
After the panic attack has run its course, it is
followed by a prolonged period of general anxiety.
During this time the person fears that the panic
switch might go off again at any moment sending
them into another tailspin of high anxiety.

check on this site.

stress management

Stress is so prevelant, maybe we need a value system that's more human! Side note, I wonder if any of the dog whisperer's techniques would help reduce stress levels...

Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.

These are some great suggestions. Others to try include practicing deep breathing, learning to meditate, and keeping a gratitude journal.
Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.


I suggest to try meditation because this can help in lessening stress and tensions.

Panic Attacks

Breathing technique – is one of the most effective ways in controlling anxiety attacks. Proper breathing helps slow down heartbeat and helps calm the tensed muscles as a result of the attack. Breathing also diverts the mind's attention from the "trigger" and calms the self, thus, stopping the attack even faster. Proper breathing techniques are easy to learn and master.



Your blog has raised a new hope in my life. I hate being stressed.


Your shared tips are gonna help me a lot in overcoming my stress. I'll try my level best to act upon these tips.

Cindy Goodman

Glad to help!

paint zoom

Yeah! this is a truth the work stress never bring at our home because your work stress will be prevail in your family.

Cindy Goodman

Now that I work at home, I have to remember my own tips.


I agree with that point of view because on this way you did also stress of their family.


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