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The No Complaining Rule

      I've decided to take on the challenge posed in Jon Gordon's book, The No Complaining Rule. I'm going make it through an ENTIRE day without complaining. Do you think you could do it?

          With cutbacks and layoffs, my work environment has been so downbeat lately. I'm tired of going home at the end of the day and bringing the negativity with me. So today, bolstered by some tips on Gordon's blog, I vowed to have a "positive only" day.

     Morning goes well but at lunchtime, it becomes a real effort to resist joining the whinefest when yet another co-worker yearns for a cup of coffee only to discover -- no cups. Normally, I would have jumped right in with my two cents about how pitiful things have become when my employer no longer can supply paper cups. But not today. "Bring your own cup," I suggest, "it's better for the environment." (How's that for positive?)

       By mid-afternoon, I am beyond frozen in my meat locker/office. Apparently, we still air condition the newsroom as if it was full of bodies. But in our post-layoff state, even the heater under my desk isn't powerful enough to keep me from shivering. "I'm frozen," I shout to my co-worker. Oops. I slipped. A complaint? I try to shake it off as a mere statement. That's when I realize, how much wasted energy I spend during the workday complaining.

       If you’re honest with yourself, you probably have to admit that you complain at work too. The Movin On Up blog points out: "It’s natural to want to talk to your co-workers about issues, frustrations and struggles – work related or otherwise. But complaining at work is a dangerous habit.

Here are a few reasons complaining is bad for your career:

    1. When you give in to the habit of complaining, it increases your stress level, pushing you into the downward spiral of negativity. Before you know it, you may be complaining about everything and your outlook on your job is bound to get worse.

    2.Wasting time complaining about how much you have to do merely demonstrates to your boss that you’re not focused, skilled at time management or capable of doing your work.

    3. Leaders don’t complain; they foster change

Do you think negativity has seeped into your worklife? How long do you think you could go at work without complaining?