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Workers want help

    Like most of you, I'm worried about the economy and the daily decline of the Dow. But to me, and most of my friends, my bigger concerns are with how we live our daily lives as working Americans. We worry about health insurance, affordable after-school care, and whether taking time off to care for a sick child or parent will cost us our jobs.

     What are the political candidates positions on these work/life issues? Family advocates say the candidates at national and state levels aren't focusing on the things working families REALLY care about. A great website, MomsRising.org, has sample questions to write in for the candidates in the next presidential debate. The website also features Bingo cards that tally when candidates talk publicly on issues like affordable child care, health care, paid sick leave, equal pay and

     This morning I address the topic in my Miami Herald column and on CBS4/My 33. Ellen Bravo of the Multi-State Working Families Consortium, made a good point in a conversation I had with her. She says it's more important than ever for government to mandate workplace policies such as paid sick leave because employees feel vulnerable and less empowered to ask for them.

     Do you know what groups in your state are doing to fight for equal pay, paid sick leave and more flexible work options? Which candidate do you think has a better grasp of the need for new workplace standards?