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Holiday stress heating up this week

   I've noticed people are particularly crabby this week. Yesterday, I grew more irritable as the day went on because I interacted with so many others who were irritable. I'm going to blame it on holiday stress.

  This year, there seems to some additional stress factors: More potluck office parties. That means, an additional to-do on your list. (I'm opting to buy rather than cook my contribution this year)  And then there's the fact that kids will soon be off school and most of us feel the pressure to get a lot done this week so we can ease up or take vacation time over the next two weeks. And of course, most of us are operating on a tighter budget this year so there's the pressure to do our holiday shopping, yet find  the bargains.

   Should you add the stress of buying gifts for co-workers or bosses to your already busy life? The Holidays are always a tricky time around the office.  Things like buying presents for people, going to the holiday party, and getting time off are on everyone’s mind.  This article on MSN covers all those things and gives some really good advice.

    Then there's the office holiday party that makes some people irritable. Career and Kids  says going to the holiday party is a must politically. "If you don’t, you look like you’re not a team player. You might even miss out on some good insight by seeing your coworkers and bosses in a different light. So…. is the holiday party really just another work day? Yes, in a way. But at least it’s a work day with drinks, party dresses, and prizes!"

     Are you finding yourself super-stressed out this holiday season?  Have you taken any extra steps to avoid letting others see your stress?