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Set different work/life priorities in 2009

        Most of us start thinking about our resolutions this time of year. We will set our career priorities for 2009. We will vow to make ourselves recession-proof at work. We will vow to find a new job or prove why we should get a raise. We will vow to get in better shape or lose weight. But maybe you should set your work/life priorities for 2009.

    Kathie Lingle,who leads Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP),  says employees need to get into the work/life movement on their own behalf. She insists they've been too passive. Whether it's a flexible work arrangement you seek, reclaiming your lunch hour,  or just getting out of the the office at a decent time, "you have to believe fervently that you deserve a personal life, define what your personal priorities are with as much clarity of purpose as your performance objectives at work, and then be willing to fight for them."

    On the Work & Life blog, one commenter says, "employees are fearful of causing friction, or tension with their manager or peers. That can actually cause more stress, which then creates a feeling of, “Why bother?” On the other hand, as someone who has never been accused of being “passive,” I agree with you that employees should at least ask for what they need. After all, if we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?" Click here for a Flexible Work Arrangement Request form.

    Yes, we all want to do our part to ensure our employers stay afloat in 2009. But does that mean our work/life balance should suffer? If you want a more fulfilling personal life, are you prepared to act like you mean it in 2009?