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To-do list help with work life balance

    I just read a year-end wrap up on celebrities and was startled by the answer one star gave when asked what she does to relax. Her answer was make to-do lists. That wouldn't be the answer that immediately comes to my mind but I can see her point. When you're trying to balance work and family, making lists often gets the clutter off my brain and onto paper. Once I make the list, I do find myself more relaxed.

Recently, I asked some guys I work with if they make to-do lists. I was curious whether it was just a female thing. Most told me they did. If you write lists,  how many ways do you currently use to capture things to do?

  • Tasks scribbled on Post-it notes?
  • Scraps of paper with to-dos?
  • Phone numbers crammed into your wallet, purse, or pockets?
  • Ideas jotted down on meeting handouts?
  • A pile of paper in an inbox? And on the table? And in your briefcase? And … well … everywhere?

  Blogger Dave Navarro suggests figuring out a way to merge all your lists into one list and do it constantly. Dave merges his smaller lists into a master list in a moleskin notebook. I prefer writing it in a planner but I've started jotting lists in my cell phone and then moving them to my master list in my planner. Anyway, with the new year arriving, it's the perfect time to organize your list making technique.

    Do you find it relaxing to make lists? Do you find it critical to your work/life balance?