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Facebook bans nursing moms

    For those of you who haven't heard, a controversy is stewing over Facebook's ban on photos of nursing moms.

     An online news story says the controversy started when Kelli Roman, 23, last year posted a photo of herself on Facebook nursing one of her two children. One day, she logged on to find the photo missing. When she pressed Facebook for an explanation, she got form e-mails in return. Roman responded by starting a Facebook group called "Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!" Today the group — part petition, part message board, part photo-sharing hub — has more than 97,600 members.

      Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt says "We decided nudity was something we didn't want on the site. It doesn't matter the context."

      Now, mom sites like Mom Logic are joining the conversation, arguing that photos of nursing mothers are inspirational.

     Honestly, I'm pretty ticked off about the whole conversation. Mothers have so many better things to be up in arms about. Our public school systems is a huge mess. We still aren't getting equal pay at work. Our country's employers are losing their incentive to offer flexibility. If we're concerned about the breastfeeding issue, we should be concentrating our efforts on encouraging employers to allow nursing mothers short breaks to pump or run home to nurse their babies.

      If you want to nurse, great. But do you need to post a photo of yourself nursing for everyone (including the kids who surf those sites) to see? Why?  I nursed three kids so I'm all for breastfeeding. But I think there are so many more important issues for mothers to speak out about than the right to put such a photo on Facebook.

      What are your thoughts on this controversy? Do you think this issue deserves the attention it's getting?