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Should Obama go to work exhausted? Should you?



To be sure, yesterday was an exhausting day for Barack Obama. With inaugural balls lasting until well past midnight,  he will go to work tired on his first day as President. Okay, maybe the adrenaline rush will carry him through the day. Most likely, he'll wish for a nap around 4 p.m.

     Let's admit that most of us have gone to work exhausted at some point in our careers. Maybe you've been up all night with a crying baby. Maybe you traveled for business or pleasure and you ended up on a late night flight. Maybe your night out with the girls or boys was such a blast you couldn't bring yourself to leave until 1 a.m.

     But the alarm clock still went off in the morning. 

    I hate to admit this, but recently I became hooked on reading Twilight books. I stayed up some nights way too late to finish the books. At first, I still felt sharp at work. But after a few days, I didn't have the patience for the bureaucracy in my workplace that I would have if I was less tired. Exhaustion hurt my cope-level. I became easily frustrated with my inability to deal with my overload of e-mail and deleted mindlessly.

   If it's your kid keeping you up at night, a sleep expert to the stars offers the top seven sleep stealers and some great solutions on MomLogic.com.   

    Of course, that's physical exhaustion. I'm hearing more and more about mental exhaustion. One blogger write: I'm so mentally exhausted, it's making me physically exhausted!

  For some work these days is a creating a vicious circle. Stress at work can interfere with sleep. If you're not sleeping well, you're tired, and that puts you in a funk, and you have a horrid time at work, which makes you sleep worse. Experts suggest exercise in this scenario

    Do you think you can still be sharp at work when you're exhausted? Some will argue yes. Just gulp some caffeine and you're good to go. I'll argue no. I say your work will suffer. I'm hoping Obama doesn't make any big decisions today, especially later in the day when his eyelids start to droop. Has exhaustion ever affected your day at work?