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Unemployment Insurance for Part-time workers

    The news about job cuts and unemployment is getting downright depressing. Here's some good news for workers: If you're a part-timer and lose your job, you may have a better chance at collecting unemployment.

    The new Economic Stimulus Legislation, which is on its way to the Senate, would give states incentives to make it easier for part-time workers to qualify for unemployment benefits. It also provide benefits to people leaving work for a “compelling family reason” such as domestic violence and the illness or disability of a member of the individual’s immediate family.

    An update to the system is a win-win for workers and employers, says Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington, who has been a leading advocate for unemployment insurance reforms.McDermott said in a statement this month. “When we enable more unemployed workers to qualify for the unemployment insurance program, we put cash into the pockets of struggling families who will spend this money in their communities, supporting local jobs and businesses.”

     Others are wary of efforts to overhaul the unemployment insurance program, according to Workforce Management. They feel bigger benefit checks eventually could mean tax increases on businesses.

     Do you think allowing part-timers to collect unemployment helps struggling families? Or, will it create an unnecessary  burden on government and businesses?



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D.S. Roberts

"YES" I have worked a full time job 40+ hours
a week most of last year. But due to my part-time designation on that job I have been denied
any benifits. This a (Catch-22) in the system and should be corrected.... Thanx D. in Miami


I was on UC (maximum benefit $275) and took a part time job promising 30 hrs a week out of sheer boredom. After two months of working about 10 hrs weekly and begging for more I had to leave the position. I called UC and was told I could reinstate my claim with no penalties. That was 3rd of December. I have not received any payments to date. When I spoke to them again recently and was told my reinstatement was still under review. I am still claiming benefits every other week. Between this and a futile job search I am so fusterated .....


If you ae having trouble email the governor. I tied up the telephone lines for six weeks, emailed the unemployment office and got no help until contacting the governors office. If turned out they wondered why I earned $32 one week. Of course, they did not ask me or contact me in any way. By the way, part time employees are eligible for unemployment in Florida. I saw the story about the cell phone company cutting off access to the unemployment office due to long waits. Beleive me, you can call for hours and never get through. When you do , it says no one is available and cuts off.

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