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Limits on Homework, it's about time!

    Who thinks teachers give too much homework? My hand is raised.

    Don't get me wrong, I think some homework is good. But hours of homework prohibits kids from having outside interests or even just downtime. Last year, my daughter had meltdowns over her three hours of homework each night.

     So I say, hoorah for the new policy passed by the Broward County School Board and detailed in today's Miami Herald. For working parents, supervising homework often is the most exhausting part of our day, especially if you have a kid that likes to day dream. Limits on homework based on age, I'll all for it. How about you?


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Are you kidding? Do you think that this is the teachers fault? Why not put the blame where it belongs, on politicians that believe that the only way to determine if a student is learning is by crushing education under the weight of standardized tests. Schools get their funding almost completely based on how kids perform on the FCAT. You are a joke.


I agree with you fully, extensive homework is only busy work and not productive. It should be used as a "refreshment" of the course. Good for Florida, I moved both of my kids from Florida to Cali and hope to see something similar here soon as well. You are great.

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