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The good news about lay offs

    While many of us are stressing over the mere idea of losing our jobs, others are finding a silver lining in lay offs.

     In its article,Laid Off and Loving It, The Boston Globe reports that moms and dads are appreciating some aspects of unexpected unemployment. Here are a few benefits:

   TIME FOR YOURSELF:  "Despite the grim task of making ends meet (firing the nanny, bailing on Whole Foods, applying for unemployment), there is a newly forming society of people who are making the best of being laid off. They are rediscovering hobbies. They are greeting kids at the school bus. They are remembering what daylight actually looks like."

   FINDING YOUR PASSION:  John Stephen Dwyer, a 41-year-old Boston native was laid off in November from his $40,000-a-year job as education coordinator for the Clinical Research Graduate
Program of Tufts University Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences. And he hasn't
started seriously looking for new work. "I want this year to be the year in which I transition from doing something just because it's a good job and pays well to doing something I'm interested
in,'' Dwyer said.

   REDISCOVERING BALANCE:    As bad as it feels to lose a job, temporary unemployment can provide a much-needed intervention to workaholics who can benefit from such a break, said
Douglas T. Hall, a professor at the Boston University School of Management.

  It's good to know there's upside because going forward, "joblessness is going to continue for at least another six to seven months," according to Rich Yamarone, director of economic research at Argus Research.

  If you're out of work, have you found any upside? If you're working harder than ever, do you feel a pang of envy  for those parents now greeting their kids at the school bus?