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Forget conversation, text your kid

Texting      You know your kids are text messaging their friends about EVERYTHING.The Neilsen Co. says the average teen sends and receives 1,742 text messages a month. That's exactly why time-pressed working parents are giving up on calling their kids and texting them instead.

   Which brings me to a Sentinel article I read suggesting parents get kids back into the routine of family dinner and get them involved in what goes on the dinner table by texting them. (This could work for spouse's, too)

   The article offers 10 ways to use texting:

    1. Get kids involved in the dinner prep by sending them to the store and texting them what ingredients to buy. Get chkn.

    2. Text your kids with coded versions of what you are making for dinner and see if they can guess what it is.

    3. Guess who's coming to dnr. Text your teen and ask him if he'd like to bring a friend home for dinner.

    4. Suggest a recipe xchng. Find a simple recipe and text it to your kid. If they like it, encourage them to forward it to friends.

     5. GIWIH:(Get it while it's hot) Start texting a dinnertime countdown an hour before the meal.

     6. Think of ways to reward your teen for consistent nutrition-related texting. (just 8 an apl)

     7. Everyone loves pza: Have your kids text your order to a restaurant like Papa John's and Pizza Hut.

    8. Keep them in the lp. Text your kid to get quick answers to questions. Feel like meatloaf 2night?

    9. No LOL Matter: if your teens are skipping dinner, use texting to set up a time to talk. But address the issue in person.

     10. Keep the table a text-free zone. Everyone, even parents, should turn off their cells during dinner.

     I'm going to try someof these tips. Are you finding texting the best way to communicate with your teens? Do you like when they text you while you are at work or do you prefer hearing their voices?