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Let Serena Williams Multitask

      My colleague at The Miami Herald, sports writer Greg Cote, says he is personally thanking Serena Williams for taking time out of her busy schedule to dominate women's tennis in Key Biscayne this week.

     In a column today, Greg marvels that Serena can dabble in fashion design, act and introduce a brand new line of Serena jewelry, while still winning tennis games. He calls the five-time Sony Ericsson winner sports' most successful multitasker and says she has an ability to be better than anybody else "despite a casual commitment to blinders-on devotion." Wake up Greg, many female athletes are multitaskers. Women for years have excelled at running businesses, achieving success in sports and even...raising families. Does the name Chris Evert ring a bell? Women don't have to pin our entire self-worth and net worth on one source of income. No one picked on Dan Marino for attaching his name to restaurants, doing car commercials and playing football. We should be impressed that Serena unveiled her new jewelry line when the spotlight was on her at the Sony Erricsson week (a smart business move). She's showing the world that women can have our hands in many different things (including sports) and be successful at them all. This recession has taught us it's smart to do just that.

     Serena                           Greg suggests Serena squeezes in some writing time for her first book, which he thinks should be called Mastering a Hobby. I'm suggesting Greg write a book called Wake Up and Realize Women Can Do It All -- On and Off the Court.

   I love that the Williams sisters don't even consider playing tennis "work"  Venus Williams told Greg: "We're just like regular sisters. We talk a lot about work" -- quickly adding with a smile: "If you want to call it work!"

   Good for you Serena for putting work and life in perspective. Good for you Serena for challenging the purists and showing young girls they can pursue several dreams at the same time. Good for you for redefining success. You go girl!