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Marketing to us on our mobile phones

Iphone     I'm lovin the idea of being able to do a million things from my mobile phone. The gadgets quickly are becoming crucial to keeping us organized and giving us the info we need on the go. I'm told some people are against companies marketing to them on their mobile phones. Not me.

      I'd love a coupon from Publix sent right to my phone -- no more clipping and cutting. What a great way to save time! Recently, Kraft Foods came out with iFood assistant, an application for the iPhone that lets you locate supermarkets, peek at your shopping list, access your recipe box or tap into the recipe of the day all from your mobile. Now, all I need is an iPhone.

    I spent the earlier part of this week at the Custom Content conference (sponsored by the Custom Publishing Council) learning about ways that brands are going to reach out to their consumers in the digital age. One of the most interesting presentations was from Nielsen Mobile. Of course, most of us think of Nielsen as the company that tracks our TV watching. Not anymore.

      Nic Covey, director of Insights for Nielsen Mobile, is convinced that text messaging is the future for businesses to market their product or service to customers. Teens already make the perfect target market. They text an average of 2,220 messages a month, compared with the 150 calls they make. But I would imagine all of us are a target as we try to juggle all the demands in our lives and more of us get mobile phones equipped to send and receive data. The future is mobiles that track where you are and send you a text about the nearest sushi restaurant with a coupon attached. "Mobile advertising already is happening," Covey says. "People already see the trade off between ads on their phone and greater content." 

     As it is, if I forget my mobile at home, I feel completely out of sorts. Surely, the future will make me even more dependent as my smart phone becomes critical to helping me juggle work and family. But it's a risk I'm willing to take. How about you? Are you turned off by the thought of a brand marketing to you on your mobile. Or do you, like me, see it as a convenience, a survival tool for us busy people?