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Spring Break: beach or job hunt?

Beach       Wow, I can't believe the huge shift in mindset over the last year. Instead of hitting the beach, college students are preparing for the tough job market they face upon graduation.

     At Barry University in North Miami, some students are spending spring break on campus networking for job and internship opportunities at industry-specific career fairs and events. Students also are going to résumé workshops and mock interviews.

 That's the sad reality in 2009 -- no time to frolic in the sun when job prospects aren't  great!

   It not just college students....I  just spoke with a Chicago man yesterday who planned to come to Florida with his son for spring break -- using frequent flier miles. He told me he canceled his trip because he needs to job hunt and doesn't want to spend money on the hotel.

   I'm sure there are plenty of people taking time off for spring break, but anyone trying to find a job right now must be weighing their options with lots of caution. Do you think there's too much pressure on soon-to-be college grads? Should they be enjoying their spring break the way so many of us did?