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Furloughs -- the ultimate test of work/life balance

        Imagine being forbidden to check work e-mail, listen to voicemail or answer phone calls. Could you do it?

   Furloughs are the new trend --mandated unpaid time off, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a week. Unlike vacations they have rules preventing any communication with the office. See how workers are coping with the ultimate work/life balance test in my Miami Herald column today

    Here's a quote from Winnebago Industries CEO Bob Olson who struggled with disconnecting during his furlough: ``There's a natural urge to want to be involved every day.'' Olson admits having a dinner conversation without handling an issue at the office took some getting used to. He had to completely rely on his management team. His biggest challenge: ```disciplining myself to not call the office or answer e-mail.''



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Bridget Carey

I'm going on vacation in August, and that's when I'm taking my furlough. Otherwise it will be hard to resist checking e-mail if I'm just sitting at home!

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