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Re-invent Yourself

    The way I see it, why not invent yourself? Why not step out of your comfort zone. Some people are being forced to change in order to find a new career. Others are being proactive and taking steps to make changes that will open them to new opportunities and personal growth.

    I love these ideas for adding change and fun into your life from executive/life coach Pat Morgan.PatMorgan

1. Try a new haircut. Maybe a new hair color? How about a new fragrance?

2. Rearrange the furniture. Paint a wall. Clean out a closet – get rid of everything you haven't worn for a year!

3. Leave work earlier. Get out of the office no later than 6pm!

4. Invite a new friend for lunch. New friends are everywhere if you are open to meet them – they shop at your grocery store, have kids that play with yours, share similar interests. Reach out!

5. Reconnect with your passion. For me it was dancing. What is your passion?

6. Laugh every day – often!

7. Explore a new profession. Research. Talk to people doing what you'd like to do to learn more.

8. Try something outside your comfort zone – scuba diving, a cooking class, karate, acting, singing.

9. Find your inspiration and plug into it. Make it a part of your day, every day.

10. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small.