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Take Your Child to Work Day, a good idea gone bad?

        My  8-year-old son woke up at 6 a.m. this morning because he was so excited about coming with me to the office. I'm not kidding myself, part of the excitement was over lunch at the nearby Cracker Barrel. Still, he was excited. And that made me excited.

      He's enjoying being in an office. While I love the bonding time, he's interrupting me every few minutes. This year, with company cutbacks, there is no formal program at my workplace. I suspect that's the case in many workplaces. Usually, my Inbox is flooded with press releases from companies trying to get coverage for their Take Your Child to Work Day activities. This year, I received only one release. Either companies have eliminated their formal programs, or they cut back on public relations. I suspect both is true. I suspect many kids are shadowing their parents at work today and frankly, driving them a little nuts.

    The day initially was created for girls -- to encourage them to be all they can be. Boys were included years later when it was discovered they were doing worse in school than girls. I must say I agree with Penelope Trunk and her assessment of Take Your Child to Work Day. She calls it an outdated relic of 1970s.

      Here's the graph from her blog that I most love: "at this point, every day is taking children to work. I’m on my Blackberry all the time, and my division between work and kids is very tenuous. This is pretty common for my generation. And I think we’re pretty happy with it – or we’d stop. So it’s pretty clear to me that we don’t need a day for kids being at work because they get exposed to their parents working all the time." 

    Here's my son hard at work:       Garret 002

    What do you think about Take Your Child to Work Day? Is it a huge disruption for people without kids? Does it serve a purpose anymore?