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Balancing work, life and exercise

    After three kids, my belly isn't quite as toned as it used to be. Every New Year's I vow to do 100 sit-ups a day. By March, I vow to do 25. Today, I'm hoping to do one. When faced with deadlines, carpools or getting dinner on the table, exercise falls to the bottom of my to-do list.

   So, I turned to the experts for my column this week in The Miami Herald on balancing work and exercise. There are some great tips.

   Marta_041 One of the best suggestions came from Marta Montenegro, editor-in-chief of SOBeFiT Magazine, based in Miami.Marta told me to start my journey to becoming more fit by changing small habits...such as stretching when you first wake up and maybe doing a few sit-ups right away. That way,  it doesn't hang over your head all day. If exercise really is a priority, make it one, she says. Push it up on your to-do list. She reminded me I can incorporate my family into my exercise routine. Check out SOBeFit Magazine, it's filled with interesting articles on fitness. I particularly like what basketball star Alonso Mourning told the magazine about how he starts his day: “The moment I get out of bed each morning I stand up, bend down, and touch my toes.”

    I've decided I'm going to do a few sit-ups first thing in the morning, and take more walks at night with my kids and husband.  

     What you should know is that many health clubs are discounting right now and some even offer free classes for the unemployed - the two in South Florida that I know about are The Mind/Body Connection in Davie and the Downtown Athletic Club in Miami.

In response to my article, Wolf_Pinther  wrote: My gym happens to be the Downtown Athletic Club mentioned above – a great gym especially for professionals who live and/or work downtown. I make time to exercise 3 to 5 times a week. Personally, I enjoy having a gym outside of my work and home because it is my time to "detox" or relieve stress. It’s amazing the difference in how I feel after a good sweat after a hard day at work!

    Tatiana Montgomery responded to the article, too. She says she has come up with a CD to help people get motivated all over again to be healthier. It's filled with nutrition and exercise tips, she says. To find out more e-mail her at fitnesscuisine@gmail.com.

     Let me hear how you fit exercise/fitness into your busy schedule. I'm off to do a sit-up....