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I found my job on Twitter

       I must admit, I enjoy Twitter. It's time-consuming, distracting and loads of fun. I can keep up with Ryan Seacrest in celebrityville or my co-worker in my state capitol. But I absolutely LOVE that people are finding jobs through Twitter.

      This article on jobs.AOL  is a great example: "If it weren't for Jen Harris' followers on Twitter, she would not have been notified of another job opportunity, only moments after getting laid off from Idaho-based MPC computers in October.

     As Harris packed up her desk she sent out a tweet that read: "just been laid off from MPC."

     "By the time I left the parking lot, I had a job offer."

    I've had a lot of discussion lately with people who think social media is a waste of time. But more and more in this strange time of job insecurity, I'm starting to realize that having an online community to network with is critical.

    So which camp are you in? Do you think there is value in Twitter? Or, do you feel you have enough on your plate without getting sucked into the world of social networking?