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I'm loving Michelle Obama's candor

    As a working mother, I'm constantly scrambling to get everything done, rushing here and rushing there and always feeling like I'm never  pulling off work-life balance perfectly. But I have to admit, when it comes to work and family, Michelle Obama has it nailed. I'm not saying that she's the perfect mom, I'm saying that she's honest about the highs and lows of being a modern-day mother.

Michelle-o As the New York Times points out in its article,On the Home Front, A Twist of Candor,  Michelle doesn't mince words. When asked by a little boy about whether she still cooks with all those professionals on her staff, she answered: “I’m just fine with other people cooking. Their food is really good.”

This section from the NYT made me admire Michelle in a whole new way:

"Since she arrived in the White House four months ago, Obamahas told People magazine that her marriage isn’t perfect. She has told young women that she wonders whether she is doing what’s best for her children as she balances her work and motherhood.

She has confessed that her daughters have fallen down on the job in terms of dog walking, despite her prodding. And on her first day of strenuous digging in the White House garden, with cameras rolling and reporters scribbling, she was the first to pipe up with a half-joking and half-plaintive, “Are we done yet?”

I feel a bond with Michelle because she carries around the guilt that nags at most mothers as we strive to do the best for our kids.

The NYT writes: “There isn’t a day that goes by,” Mrs. Obama told a panel of young women at Howard University earlier this year, “that I don’t wonder or worry about whether I’m doing the right thing for myself, for my family, for my girls.”

She’s letting people know: It’s O.K. to say that working motherhood is a challenge; it’s O.K. to say that I don’t have all the answers,” said Ms. Hardy, a working mother who heads Howard University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation. “I didn’t expect her to be that real.”

   I already relate completely to Michelle. Now, comes the kicker for me, the part of life with kids where Michelle totally sums up my thoughts.

“I got up at 5:15 a.m. in the morning to walk my puppy,” Mrs. Obama acknowledged ruefully to a group of Congressional spouses last month. “Even though the kids are supposed to do a lot of the work, I’m still up at 5:15 a.m. taking my dog out. So for everyone who has a child asking for a puppy, you have to want the dog.”

 As I walk my dog every morning, wondering how I ever let my kids convince me to become a pet owner, I'll feel a new bond with the first lady. I'm just wondering, if she personally scoops up the poop. I'm betting she does.